Learn more about the Shared Print Actions Terminology draft which will define standardized terminology for shared print actions and allow institutions to record these actions locally at https://sharedprint.org/about/working-groups/best-practices/shared-print-actions-terminology/ 

Recording Retentions

Retentions are usually disclosed both in a library's local ILS/LSP, and also in OCLC. Shared print commitments are recorded in the MARC 583 field in accordance with the OCLC Detailed Metadata Guidelines

Below is documentation for adding retention commitments in a variety of vendor platforms, including disclosing shared print in OCLC. 

Record Retentions in your ILS

Sample guidelines from Shared Print Programs

Vendor Specific Instructions

Note that Alma has some special features dedicated to Shared Print, including the ability to mark an item to be retained with its relevant information after which the system will not allow the withdrawal of items that are marked as 'committed to retain'. See the ExLibris Video on marking items for retention, which is also described on their 'Working with Items' page. 

Disclosure and Discovery of Shared Print in OCLC

Program Databases

Some programs also disclose their retentions in program wide databases. Here are some examples:

Exporting Retentions

Some programs ask that their members export MARC records of titles with retention committments. These records may be used in program's retention databases or for further collection analysis. Below are some instructions that some programs provide for export of commitments by ILS/LSP. 

Special Situations