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A shared print program, which is a type of collective collection, is a collection of libraries, usually academic, which agree to participate in the commitment to perpetually retain materials that are part of the scholarly record. This toolkit has been created by the Partnership for Shared Book Collections, a monographs based federation of shared print programs, and the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance, a journals based federation of shared print programs. The aim to share what has been learned by shared print programs.
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Shared Print 101

An introduction to the concept of Shared Print, appropriate for new program officers and those working in the field.

Table of Contents

MOUs and Policy Examples:

MOUs, Policy Examples and Program Policy Pages

Participation, Governance and Staffing:


Shared Print Landscape

Types of Shared Print Programs

Starting or Joining an Existing Shared Print Program

Governance and Staffing

Governance and Staffing Models

Kieft/Revitt Matrix of Shared Print Program Agreements (2019)
Common Pitfalls


Introduction to Shared Print:

What is Shared Print (pdf)

Shared Print Program Definition (pdf)

Shared Print Infographic (pdf)

Collective Collections (Wikipedia)

Introduction to the Partnership for Shared Book Collections (video)

Introduction to the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance (video)

Shared Print in the Collections Lifecycle (pdf)

The Value of Shared Print:

How Shared Print Aligns with Institutional Values (video)

The Value of EAST

The Value of WEST (pdf)

{ROI information will be added from ROI Task Force when available}

Onboarding and Education

Onboarding examples from EAST (pdfs)

Best Practices for Shared Print Programs Education and Awareness

  How to talk about weeding

Talking to Vendors about Shared Print

Vendor Talking Points 

Collection Analysis and Retention Commitments

Scope guidance  

Retention criteria guidance  

Collection Analysis Tools

Recording Retentions in ILS/LSP, OCLC and program databases

{Retention Period - Best Practice coming soon}

{Retention Period and Number of Copies Risk Tool coming soon}

Directories of Programs and Shared Print Discussion Lists

Program Directories and Listings


OCLC List of Approved Archiving Program Names

Libraries in Shared Print Programs (Excel) (Matthew Revitt, 2019)

Libraries Participating in the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance

Libraries Participating in the Partnership for Shared Book Collections

Discussion/Information Lists



OCLC Shared Print Community Center

Partnership Interested Google Group

Additional Resources

      SPEC Kit 345: Shared Print Programs (2014)
SPEC Kit 377: Print Retention Decision Making (ARL) (October 2013)
CDL, CRL & HathiTrust Shared Print Collaboration
Shared Print Agreements for Monographs: A User's Manual (MSCS, 2014)
Commonly Cited Resources
Validation Studies

Best Practices 

Best Practices from the Partnership for Shared Book Collections

Partnership Best Practices

Review and reflect on a program or library's policies and procedures